BJP Unveils ‘Sankalp Patra’ Manifesto for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

BJP Unveils ‘Sankalp Patra’ Manifesto with “Modi Ki Guarantee” Tagline for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

In a significant political development, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) launched its manifesto, termed ‘Sankalp Patra’, for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024. The event, graced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, party president JP Nada, and other senior leaders, unfolded at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi on Sunday, April 14

The timing of the manifesto release held particular significance as it coincided with the birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar, a revered figure in Indian history and the principal architect of the Indian Constitution.

Under the stewardship of Defense Minister Mr. Singh, the 27-member manifesto committee meticulously deliberated on the contents of the ‘Sankalp Patra’, reflecting the party’s commitment to engaging with the populace. Prior to its formulation, the BJP had undertaken an extensive outreach campaign, leveraging mobile vans and social media platforms to solicit public input and aspirations.

Prime Minister Modi, in his address, underscored the transformative vision embedded within the manifesto, which is encapsulated by the tagline “Modi Ki Guarantee”. He emphasized the empowerment of key segments of society, including youth, women, the impoverished, and farmers, as pivotal to the nation’s progress.

Echoing this sentiment, JP Nadda highlighted the tangible achievements of the BJP-led government, citing infrastructural advancements such as the expansion of road networks and the proliferation of digital connectivity in rural areas. He also lauded the administration’s efforts in poverty alleviation, citing statistics from international bodies to affirm India’s strides in reducing extreme poverty.


The inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ajodhya featured prominently in the discourse, with Nada lauding the government’s resolve in overcoming political impediments to realize this historic milestone.
Rajnath Singh, in his address, reiterated the BJP’s commitment to translating promises into action, citing a track record of accountability and transparency. He emphasized the symbiotic relationship between the party’s words and deeds, which has garnered widespread trust among both party members and the general populace.
The release event witnessed Prime Minister Modi engaging with beneficiaries of various government schemes, symbolizing the inclusive ethos underpinning the BJP’s governance model. Individuals such as Raghuvir, Ramvir, and Lilawati, representing diverse socio-economic backgrounds, testified to the tangible impact of initiatives such as PM Svanidhi Yojna, PM Kisan Yojna, Ujwala Yojna, and Har ghar Jal in enhancing their livelihoods and quality of life.
In essence, the unveiling of the BJP’s ‘Sankalp Patra’ heralds a pivotal juncture in India’s democratic journey, with its principles of progress, inclusivity, and accountability poised to resonate with voters nationwide as they prepare to exercise their franchise in the upcoming elections.

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